Visit South Forbes Golf City, the country’s largest fully-integrated and all-themed golf resort city at the forefront of the Metro Sta. Rosa – Tagaytay corridor, recipient of the Best Golf Community Development by the 2007 CNBC International Property Awards, the world’s most prestigious property awards program, and the Highly Commended Award for Best Development by the 2010 Bloomberg Asia-Pacific Residential Award, and you will see how a properly masterplanned city is supposed to be.

Masterplanning is about a belief in making sustainable, integrated environments where the built environment becomes embedded within a city’s fabric. South Forbes is not only interested in architecture, it is also deeply interested in their contextual influence — how these act as a catalyst for vibrancy, diversity and regeneration within the city.

Blueprint for success. Without a doubt, cars are useful machines. They have greatly increased our freedom of movement and even have become a big part of our culture. Environmentally, automobiles take a huge toll. It’s not just the fuel that is burned by cars and trucks, but the construction and maintenance of the roads, highways, and parking lots — the environmental impact is enormous. The simplest answer to the dominance of the automobile in our lives is to design our communities for people, not cars.

South Forbes subscribes to the doctrines of New Urbanism. “New Urbanism” or “Smart Growth” planning is meant to save open space, reduce car dependence and pollution, and tighten community ties. We can reduce our household costs, our health problems, and the environmental and economic burdens on future generations. We can make our communities stronger and be a happier people. South Forbes just had to design its communities for people, not cars.

Give me five! Where elements of the built environment are in their proper place, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

As a sustainable, green community, South Forbes, through its 5 Clusters of Excellence, is structured into complete, well-connected, mixed-use neighborhoods allowing residents to live, work, play, shop, and learn within a walking or transit distance and in a clean, pollution-free environment.

The Residential Cluster is a community of internationally-themed enclaves, from homes to the village amenities. The Education Cluster houses schools which offer from pre-school to tertiary levels where students are taught an internationally-prescribed curriculum. The Business Cluster will feature world-class, built-to-specification buildings suited for BPOs and other businesses. The pride of the Wellness Cluster is the Astoria Plaza – South Forbes Business Hotel and Conference Center which houses the spa and specialist clinics to serve the wellness requirements of the young, adult, and even the retirees from here and abroad, all will be well. A wide array of entertainment, retail, dining, and recreation activities make up the Leisure Cluster.

Move in right here, right now. Call 635-7777 or 631-8855 for a free city tour or log on to for more information.

The Philippine Star Business Section REAL ESTATE B-8
Friday, August 03, 2012