Community gardens offer improved sense of well-being to individuals and to the community as a whole. They are gathering places for neighbors, where friendships and social cohesion develops promoting a community atmosphere and allowing people an opportunity to meet others, share concerns, share skills and even solve a few problems together.

And there is no other place or development with more themed gardens in one enclave than in Châteaux de Paris, the French quarter in South Forbes Golf City, the country’s largest fully-integrated and all-themed golf resort city at the forefront of the Metro Sta. Rosa – Tagaytay corridor, recipient of the Best Golf Community Development by the 2007 CNBC International Property Awards, the world’s most prestigious property awards programme, and the Highly Commended Award for Best Development by the 2010 Bloomberg Asia-Pacific Residential Award.

“South Forbes espouses the clean and green lifestyle as master-planned with large pockets of green space, but it is with Châteaux de Paris that we have taken the extra step by uniquely theming all six parks within the enclave,” said Cathay Land president Jeffrey Ng. “Gardens can be a place where children and adults can go and enjoy themselves, where they can reconnect themselves with the Earth.”

Center of attraction. Your wedding day will always be the day you will remember till the end. Whether or not your marriage succeeds, the wedding day has its way of etching itself in your memory. There is something undoubtedly magical about that day.

Located at the center of Châteaux de Paris is the Grand Garden, a rotunda surrounded by green open spaces for seating, walking, and gathering, where allées or alleys are bordered by trees or clipped hedges accessible from homes and other gardens. Within the garden is the fully-operational clock tower that serves as the identifying mark for the community. This circular park is undeniably French and undoubtedly the perfect location for any garden wedding. Afterwards, the couple and their guests will make their way down the avenue to the moated palatial clubhouse for the reception.

Fields of green. How much “green exercise” produces the greatest improvement in mood and sense of personal well-being? A recent US study reveals just five minutes of exercise in a park, working in a backyard garden, on a nature trail, or other green space will benefit mental health. The greatest health changes occurred in the young and the mentally-ill, although people of all ages and social groups benefited. All natural environments were beneficial including parks in urban settings. Green areas with water added something extra. A blue and green environment seems even better for health.

The perfect park for sociable residents must be The Green Hall, dotted with informal groupings of trees and unobstructed open lawns that serve as multi-purpose spaces for gatherings, recreation, and play. A fountain and water basin against a feature wall lends a cool, refreshing feeling as does the relaxing sight and scent of grass.

Performance level. Music and acting are inextricably linked to Filipino culture. In fact, for many decades now, free public musical performances have been staged in a show entitled Concert at the Park as a form of education.

At the center of The Theatre is a dais or elevated platform with a fountain and feature wall from which radial paving patterns originate, forming a fan-shaped plaza. This is the stage area where neighborhood performances and shows can be held.

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Friday, October 05, 2012