Experience Deluxe Living Close to Santa Rosa Laguna with South Forbes

Boasting a world-class township, South Forbes offers house and lots for sale near Sta. Rosa, Laguna that comes with international architectural themes. From a relaxing Asian Balinese, to Japanese and Thai themed homes, you are sure to find an abode that provides respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.

All of our house and lots near Sta. Rosa features main entry statement, guard house, landscape features with pocket parks, clubhouse and multipurpose hall, and swimming pool. Thus, you and your family are sure to enjoy the zen and tropical lifestyle every day amidst the open and green space.

The plush residences will usher you to a distinct tropical experience that will create a stirring vista. We offer house and lots near Laguna that features a suburban vibe ‒ making it an ideal investment. Created to promote a serene and spatial sanctuary like no other, you can choose to live either a luxurious, resort-like life or a minimalist and simple life in any of our real estate properties.

Our Silang, Cavite – Sta. Rosa, Laguna house and lots are strategically located near your passion and pursuits, the coveted growth corridor of the south, while providing an excellent view of the open and luscious space of green. All of these within the exclusive and intimate community provided by South Forbes’s residences.

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House & Lot Properties Near Santa Rosa Laguna

Racha Mansions lot for sale sta rosa laguna silang cavite

Theme: Thai
Total Area: 8.30 has.
Number of Lots: 167 Lots
Lot Sizes: 220 sqm. and up

Lot: Begins at Php 42,403 /month*
H&L: Begins at N/A


Theme: Spanish
Total Area: 33.04 has
Number of Lots: 1067 Lots
Lot Sizes: 150 sqm. and up

Lot begins at Php 39,055 /month*
H&L begins at Php 63,185 /month*


Theme: Asian-Modern Balinese
Total Area: 5 has
Number of Lots: 143 Lots
Lot Sizes: 150 sqm. and up

Lot Begins at Php 24,549 /month*
H&L Begins at Php 74,075 /month*


Theme: Thai
Total Area: 13.96 has.
Number of Lots: 200 Lots
Lot Sizes: 350 sqm. and up

Lot begins at Php 93,039 /month*
H&L begins at Php 140,968 /month*


Theme: French
Total Area: 24.05 has
Number of Lots: 545 Lots
Lot Sizes: 225 sqm. and up

Lot: Begins at Php 58,182 /month*
H&L: Begins at Php 96,039 /month*


Theme: Asian Balinese
Total Area: 22 has
Number of Lots: 352 Lots
Lot Sizes: 250 sqm. and up

Lot begins at Php 69,680 /month*
H&L Begins at N/A


Theme: American
Total Area: 14 has
Number of Lots: 232 Lots
Lot Sizes: 300 sqm. and up

Lot Begins at Php 75,046 /month*
H&L Begins at Php 119,498 /month*


Theme: Japanese
Total Area: 20 has.
Number of Lots: 175 Lots
Lot Sizes: 313 sqm. and up

Lot begins at Php 85,687 /month*
H&L Begins at N/A

Why Live in South Forbes?

South Forbes is committed to providing a roster of premier developments near Sta. Rosa, Laguna. We always put our residents’ needs into consideration, ensuring that we provide homes suitable for young and start-up families. We cater to people who value having an active lifestyle and remarkable family bonding moments.

More than its international architecture and themes, our house and lots exude secured and luxurious living. We make sure that our residential properties offer amenities and lifestyle options that can rival those that are within the growth corridor of the south. If you would like to experience the high life living in a house and lot near Laguna, South Forbes offer monthly amortization based on 20/80 bank financial payment option.

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