France is what we refer to as a multicultural society and it is hard to imagine that its way of life is homogenous throughout the country. With its colorful history and deeply-rooted regional traditions, one will find France anything but boring.

In France, a unique blend of customs has emerged, where the traditional rural and new urban lifestyles live side by side. In South Forbes Golf City, the country’s largest fully-integrated and all-themed golf resort city at the forefront of the Metro Sta. Rosa – Tagaytay corridor, a seamless fusion of traditional French culture and modern Filipino sensibilities has become the cornerstone of an enclave whose lifestyle is built around pleasure and leisure, both indoor and outdoor – Châteaux de Paris.

“Enclaves like our Châteaux de Paris are what earned South Forbes Golf City international acclaim such as the Best Golf Community Development by the 2007 CNBC International Property Awards, the world’s most prestigious property awards program, and the Highly Commended Award for Best Development by the 2010 Bloomberg Asia-Pacific Residential Award,” said Cathay Land president Jeffrey Ng. “While it’s no secret that we’re not in France, we have made ways that we can feel more connected to that French lifestyle like we are living that life, even from so far away.”

A Flair for French. Nothing says I’m gettin’ my French-on like speaking or understanding the language. Not only will this go a long way if you plan to travel to France, but you’ll find yourself excitedly dropping bonjours, mercis and a beintôts any chance you get with a smile on your face and French in your heart.

Going around Châteaux de Paris is like touring the streets of France with streets named after notable cities or regions. In fact, all the street names begin with “Rue” just as how it is in France.

Châteaux de Paris’ tree-lined and elaborately-lit major avenue allows one to reminisce walking along the Champs Elysée in the French capital sans the shops and cafés, of course.

Mon Coeur. You know how sometimes we skip meals, grab fast-food, eat in the car and swill our food down in about five minutes flat? Not only is that bad for our health, but it’s really no fun! In France, eating is a social event and something the French take pride in.

When living in any of the model chateaus of Châteaux de Paris, families are encouraged to learn how to set a proper table, use the good china and silverware, light some candles, and adorn the table with fresh flowers.

The Chambord model chateau, for one, is a modern rendition of a French palace which gives the impression of romance, aristocracy, and sophistication. Its dining room uses modern Louis XV furniture that is juxtaposed against an ornate chandelier.

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The Philippine Star Business Section REAL ESTATE B-6
Friday, October 26, 2012