Stanford Suites 2 now on its final stage of construction.

Following the topping-off of the building last May, Stanford Suites 2 is now in its final stage of construction with finishing works to be completed. It is now well on track of its scheduled unit turnover to its residents.

According to E.C Construction, Stanford Suites 2’s building contractor, some of the finishing works currently ongoing include plastering and painting of the building’s exterior and each unit’s interior, installation of the toilet and bath drywall and tiles.

With the current pace of the construction, expect adjustments to Stanford Suites 2’s unit prices as it approaches its delivery. The next price hike will start October 1 and it will continue as we approach the building’s completion.

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Following the success of its predecessor, Stanford Suites, Stanford Suites 2 incorporates “smart features” into its design, amenities, and utilities. Living spaces are maximized by employing load-bearing walls that eliminate bulky columns and wasted spaces. It is strategically located in the highly promising Sta. Rosa – Silang – Tagaytay growth corridor. Boasting of its plush residential communities and commercial development, the Stanford Suites 2 is a smart choice for an investment.